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We Build Everything With Passion

Our Story

We are an engineering and telecommunication infrastructure company dedicated to impacting emerging economics through affordable connectivity solutions.

We are Nigeria’s most committed providers of affordable telecommunications infrastructure for creating prosperous communities connected to a world of opportunities.

We are building the infrastructure that drives telecommunication, connecting people, cultures, and languages and creating a world of diverse opportunities.

Core Sectors

In today’s telecommunications problems, we create opportunities that transform communities, bringing them into the heart of creativity and innovation made possible through telecommunications infrastructure.

Our engineering services are based on years of experience in identifying and designing custom industrial engineering solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

We’ve also worked on several other large-scale building projects, supply chain procurement assistance project planning, monitoring and progress control, and site inspection.

Top Management

Grato Engineering prides itself as an indigenous and innovative company providing exceptional solutions in many sectors of the Nigerian economy.

From a simple vision of solving simple business challenges, the company has expanded its tentacles into many other areas, from Telecommunications, Financial Services, Logistics and Transportation we are setting the pace for others to follow.

Tom Omeje

Grato Chairman

We’re Professional

Our excellent team of engineers collaborate to achieve timely delivery of all our projects.

Delivery Time

Our excellent team of engineers collaborate to achieve timely delivery of all our projects.

Quality Material 

Excellent materials are required for high-quality results; they also provide a stable and long-lasting structure, which is essential for quality control. As a result, we place a premium on quality in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

We Create Big Things with Big Ideas

We are passionate about the role our work plays in enhancing the growth of individuals, opening up communities to prosperity and enabling access to education and other opportunities for economic growth.

At Grato, we are committed to building a more sustainable world where everyone has the right opportunity to succeed and where the environment is preserved in the process.


Across Africa, our team is constructing the best infrastructure.

The Grato Executive team is made up of professionals with a cumulative experience of over 50 years, with a track record of excellent service delivery and setting up telecommunications Infrastructure in emerging markets.

  •  We always work with a great team
Telecommunications 80%
Construction 65%
Consultancy 50%

Our Clients