Expanding Telecommunications Infrastructure:
We are constantly expanding our infrastructure to cover the growing need for mobile connectivity in emerging economies. We do this through:

Colocation and Lease Amendment:
Our telecommunication infrastructure provides a space for mobile network operators, internet service providers, broadcasters as well as private companies that have the need for point to point secure communications.

Build to Suit Telecommunication Infrastructure:

We work with our clients to construct new towers built to each customers preference and specifications. Our tailored solutions can cover large organizations like schools, hotels, offices, plazas and other kinds of institutions. We adapt solutions to suit our clients like pole mounted and rooftop mounted masts including solutions for wireless technology applications including voice, data and radio.

Campus Internet Connection:

The importance of internet solutions and mobile technology to Education makes it imperative for Grato to device solutions that promote teaching and learning. Our tailored solutions ensure that campuses have access to affordable internet solutions.

Rural Telephony:

Rural Telephony is often hampered by the high cost of deploying equipment in places of low population densities. Through the use of open-source and satellite solutions, we construct base stations powered by solar systems that reduce dependence on traditional diesel generators.

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